Due Diligence, Credit Worthiness & Competitive Intelligence

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Due Diligence, Credit Worthiness & Competitive Intelligence

A person enters an agreement with any other party without consulting and land himself in trouble. Here comes the savior “Due Diligence” which refers to audit the potential investment to confirm things such as financial records. This thing gives a confirmation to the person before entering into any agreement with the third party. Sometimes, a person takes loan from any lending institution, and then it becomes predominant to check the worthiness of the person. Lending institutions should check the credit worthiness of a person such as repayment history and credit score.

As a business unit, we need to analyze our competitors, their strengths and weaknesses to enhance business decision making. Competitive Intelligence is something which summarizes the previous line. We, “DS Detective” offer services in Due Diligence, Credit Worthiness & Competitive Intelligence with the help of expert professionals.

Your competitor visits Las Vegas every month and you want to know the reason; we can get you the exact reason in a legal and ethical manner. We offer services for both short term that is Tactical as well as long term that is Strategic. Don’t confuse Competitive Intelligence with Corporate Espionage. Actually, the corporate espionage uses illegal and unethical manner to get information. So, if you are approaching for this, then we are really sorry as we can’t help you with that. Before entering any agreement and before lending any money to some person or you need some expert advice on Competitive intelligence. We are here to serve you at the best.