Pre Employment Verifications

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Pre Employment Verifications in Mumbai

Pre Employment Verifications

Is the employee working with your company authentic? The question always hovers over the mind of the employer and the need of Pre Employment Verification or Background check becomes a necessity in today’s world. This becomes more important in financial institutions, hospitals or some critical departments where any discrepancy could cause huge loss of life and property.

Sometimes, companies hire an employee without proper background check and he has some criminal cases pending against him. This could lead to hefty monetary loss so the need for verification becomes more important. Some employees submit fake educational or experience certificates which snatch the seat of a deserving candidate. So, the information mentioned in the candidate’s application should also be checked and verified. They should also check candidates’ past mistakes, character, fitness and potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.

The companies should check the background of an employee at regular intervals because the person who was stain free in the beginning might have later committed some crime or got involved in any fraud. As you see, the importance of this verification has increased in recent times and most companies spend a lot of money to verify that the person they are hiring is unfeigned or not.

We, “Ds Detective Agency” can save your company or an institution from facing any loss of life or property. We deal with each and every type of verification of a candidate which aids in confirming the authenticity at every level. So, if you think that your employee is not giving 100% or you want to get pre-employment verification done for a candidate. Approach us; our expert team will serve you the best.